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Gravity The Basics

Learn about The Basics of Newtonian Gravity in a fun and inspiring way. 

This course covers most of the gravity section of most High School programs: IB Physics (all of Chapter 6), A-Level Physics (topics 6.1 and 11) etc… 

It contains:

_ 50 videos of lessons, exercises, fun science facts and tons of tips and tricks to answer questions.

_ 6 sections: Linear Motion, Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, Gravitational Fields, Circular Motion,  Orbital Motion and a Quiz Section .

So if you are a high-school students taking Physics, this is definitely a course for you! It is much more fun and inspiring to take this course than to read your textbook, guaranteed: Check the Video Introduction below (3-minute watch).

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Mathematics for High School Physics

Experienced with tutoring many high school students in Physics, Edouard realized that the difficulties of many of them did not lie within their understanding of Physics concepts, but in their capacity to manipulate mathematical tools. This is why he created and published an online course "Mathematics for High School Physics". 

This course is aimed at providing Physics students with the mathematical tools they need for a smooth and enjoyable studying of their high school Physics course.


View the video below (2-minute watch) to learn about the objective of the course and a summary of its content.

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