Physics tuition offered up to IB and GCSE levels

Exam Preparation Sessions 2015

Physics IB (HL - SL)

The IB Physics exams are approaching, and suddenly your son or daughter realizes that he / she is in trouble! No worries, we organize “IB Exam Prep” study sessions prior to the year-end exams that will obviate your child's  fears and boost his or her confidence. 


These intensive yet flexible sessions are  focused on the preparation of the Physics IB Exams. They are also aimed at identifying the main difficulties a students may experience on a specific  topic and correct the problem. Another objective of these sessions is to  train students to  translate correctly their knowledge into a successful exam paper. 

What will be the content of the “IB Exam Prep” study sessions?


A 2-hour "IB Exam Prep" session will consist in reviewing a past exam and will have the following structure:


a/ The student(s) attempts to solve a question.


b/ The tutor reviews the answer and identifies any difficulty:

  • Is there a problem in the understanding of the concept(s) related to that question?

  • Is there a deeper fundamental knowledge gap that hinders the capacity of the student to understand the concept(s) related to that question ?

  • Is the answer of the student(s) in line with the requirements to get the full mark?

  • Was the time the student took appropriate in regards to the number of marks alloted to that question?



c/ The tutor will take the appropriate action to solve the issue(s) identified in b/.


Sessions can be organized for individuals or for groups. Preference will be given to groups of 2 or 3 students. Experience has shown that groups of 2 students are the most effective.  

Feedback on the IB preparation sessions (2014)

We provided a similar service for the 2014 edition of the IB exams in collaboration with the American School of The Hague. Up to 16 students attended the sessions. All were delighted by the clarity of the explanations, the overall teaching quality, and the understanding they got for the physical concepts presented in the IB program. They all reported going to the exam with a freshly acquired confidence.  Visit the Testimonial Page that summarizes the feedback provided by the students.

When will the study sessions occur?

From Mid-March until the IB exam in May, regular two-hour time-slots dedicated to the IB Physics exam preparation (Papers 1, 2 and 3) will be open. Most of the sessions will take place on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Some could occur on Tuesdays or / and Wednesdays (mornings / early afternoons only). 


Experience shows that at this period of the year, our agenda fills up very fast! : Book soon!

Where will the study sessions take place ?

“Exam Prep” Sessions can be organized at the tutors home in Oegstgeest, or at the house of one of the students. The region covered by the tutor ranges from Sassenheim to Wassenaar South, extending eventually to the North and the West of Den Haag (depending on the situation).

How much do the sessions cost?

The cost per student is the same as for a standard tutoring session  (See rates on the right-low side of that page).

How to book?

Just contact us via the form on the contact page and send us your email. Please indicate what are the student’s availabilities. Do not hesitate to ask if you have a a specific request and we will see if we can satisfy it. In all cases, we will respond promptly.


ER Tutoring Services is open to direct partnerships with International Schools located in Zuid Holland: Let's put our strength in common and make your students succeed ! Please contact Edouard Reny with your propositions.