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Physics tutor, physics tuition
Physics tutor, physics tuition

Edouard Reny provides tuition in physics and chemistry up to IB and GCSE levels

Physics Tutor in Zuid Holland (IB)
Physics Tutor in Zuid Holland (IB)

Edouard Reny provides tuition in physics and chemistry up to IB and GCSE levels

Tuition in Science for IB students
Tuition in Science for IB students

Edouard Reny provides tuition in physics and chemistry up to IB and GCSE levels

Physics tutor, physics tuition
Physics tutor, physics tuition

Edouard Reny provides tuition in physics and chemistry up to IB and GCSE levels

Your child needs support in Science?
You are at the right place.

Edouard has always been fascinated by sciences in a large sense. He has the talent to communicate such passion for a subject that may sometimes appear unappealing to the high school student. To arrive to that result, Edouard uses a visual approach supported by multimedia tools. As underlined by some parents,  the students come out of tutoring sessions excited,  full of passion for a new understanding of the concepts of nature. Naturally, scholar exercises then become more like games, exam problems become simpler to solve, and marks go up!


Customized Learning 

During a tutoring session with Edouard, knowledge flows in both directions: while Edouard teaches, he also observes and gathers information about how the student reacts to the concepts presented. This allows him to review the situation in regards to the potential theoretical gaps that the student  experiences. He works to fill up those gaps by applying an individualised teaching strategy, that also integrates the psychology of the student.  With such an approach, the tutor makes sure that the student gets well-armed for higher scholar levels or University.

Every child can be excellent. It is all a question of pushing the right buttons.

Excelling in what is taught in high school is attainable by any student. It is the psychology of a child shaped by his history, his past difficulties and successes, and his relations with others that is the main driver of his scholar performances. During his experience teaching many children and young adults from 6 up to 23 years old, Edouard has noticed this common trait: it is the perception of oneself that will dictate the capacity to succeed. This is where Edouard acts by drawing the strength of the student upfront  and showing him or her what he/she is capable of. The results never fail to amaze...

Exam preparation sessions.

The IB Physics exams are approaching, and suddenly your son or daughter realizes that he / she is actually in trouble! No worries, we organize study sessions prior to the year-end exams that will obviate their fears.


These intensive yet flexible sessions are initially focused on identifying the main difficulties the students experience in a particular subject. After this step, we review the topic in detail and show how to translate the knowledge into a successful exam paper. 

Tutoring sessions
Where ?
Sessions can take place at the students home, at the tutor's home (Oegstgeest), online (Skype), or eventually at the student's school.
Locations covered are: 
Leiden, Leiderdorp, Wassenaar, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten, Rijnsburg, Warmond, Sassenheim, Katwijk and Noordwijk.
When ?
Tutoring sessions can be arranged any time from 11AM until 7PM during week days and Saturdays. In  "emergency" situations, sessions can be arranged later in the evening, or on Sundays .
Tutoring session are most effective when they last 2 hours with a short break in the middle. This is the model proposed here.
Teaching in small groups is more valuable for the student as it sparks the interactive process. This is why Edouard proposed multiple solutions:
1 student: 60 E / h / student
2 Students: 45 E / h / student
3 Students: 35 E / h / student
These rates are excl. VAT (BTW).



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" Mr Reny is brilliantly capable of engineering into his students that all important connection between theory and practical application in the real world. "  - Mrs Christina N.

" Edouard has done a fantastic job in helping me catch up in Physics. After having fallen behind, I was honnestly worried I wouldn't pass, until Edouard started tutoring me." - Andrea R. (student)


" Mr. Reny has been an excellent communicator with myself, providing regular feedback on my daughter’s work and progress. I think that my daughter has had a great benefit having Edouard as her teacher, and I recommend him without reservation, as I know you will find him a most dedicated and helpful tutor." - Mrs Albena V.